We follow simple steps to create great videos

Day 1


Understanding what needs to be done is the key here. We listen to your ideas carefully and collect every bit of information that is necessary to deliver the right message.

Day 2


Based on the inputs our team gathers from you helps us create a killer script that translates the brand message correctly and efficiently.

Day 6


We create a visual representation of the video sequence based on the script. It helps us pre-visualize how the video will unfold from beginning to end. We design all the frames on paper before making the video to make sure all the details are covered.

Day 17


A voice-over makes the video more interesting and engaging. One of our voice-over artists will give a smooth narration to the final script. You can choose between male and female voice artists depending on what the story demands and your preferences.

Day 19


Once the graphics and voiceovers are complete, we begin the animation process. Our animators put their heart and soul to create amazing effects and transitions to help viewers understand the message with ease.

Day 30

Review and Delivery

Once the animation is complete, we ask you to review it and let us know if something needs to be adjusted. Our team will ensure that you get the video that matches your expectations completely.

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